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  • Concept Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Innovation Strategy

  • Intellectual Property Strategy

  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Products
  • Verification & Validation
  • Venture Financing

  • Manufacturing
  • Strategic Relationships

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Joshua Wiesman.

Josh Wiesman is the President and CEO of Precision Ventures, a Boston based operational fund that identifies market opportunities and delivers complete concept solutions to brand-name global manufacturers.

Josh founded his first company, TWI LLC, as a sophomore in college and successfully led the company to four international license deals for portions of the patent portfolio. After launching TWI, Josh consulted for a number of the medical giants and privately funded start-ups in the medical device community. In 2008 Josh was recruited to be the Director of Engineering at Portaero, Inc., a bay area startup, where he led his team in developing a device treatment therapy for emphysema.

In addition to creating game changing products Josh is Adjunct Faculty at Tufts University, School of Engineering, teaching an Entrepreneurship and Business Planning course to undergraduate and graduate level students. His course focuses on investigating, understanding, and implementing the process of founding a start-up.  Elements of searching out new venture opportunities, matching skills with a new venture, financing, competitive strategy, intellectual property, and operating a new venture are explored.

Josh has authored a number of medical publications, holds numerous US and international patents, and holds a MS and BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University.