Designing my blog

It's not that I have intentionally avoided starting a blog and it's not that I am so busy that I cannot make time to write a blog post every few weeks.  I think the main problem for me was that I want to present content that is of value.  In essence, I want to have a well designed blog.  

In my blog series I plan to cover the same topics that I teach about.  Mainly, investigating, understanding, and implementing the process of founding a start-up, developing a product or products and running a business.  This includes, evaluating new opportunities, matching skills, financing strategy, competitive and IP strategy, and of course designing and launching a product and brand.

My goal is to keep things simple (thinking about user experience).  Blog entries that are longer than 140 characters, but require less than 10minutes to read and digest.  No run on lists of how to make yourself, your pitch or your sales technique better.  Just a focussed few paragraphs and no more than a few bullet points that inspire, or at the very least make the reader think about the topic from a new perspective.  After all, I believe it is better to do one thing really well than a lot of things mediocre.